Validation of Electronic Documents

August 5, 2020

To our international partners,

The ongoing public health crisis has had a considerable impact on our activities, to the extent that it poses a range of operational challenges.

That is why, with a view to ensuring a higher degree of documental security in international communications, in addition to promoting more sustainable managerial practices, all documents issued and/or certified by our Office are now issued exclusively in downloadable electronic format.

The means of electronic validation described below, to all intents and purposes, supersede manual certification by way of stamps, signatures and/or official postage.

Electronic documents

Ever mindful of the need to foment a sound, paper-free administrative environment, UFC has developed an Integrated System for Academic Activity Management (Sistema Integrado de Gestão de Atividades Acadêmicas – SIGAA) in order to ensure that faculty, staff and, of course, students can efficiently manage academic life. Undergraduate and graduate students alike are able to autonomously issue English-language versions of their academic records (transcripts, degree confirmation letters and enrollment confirmation letters).

Certified translations

The translated versions of diplomas and several other documents can be validated through the Electronic Information System (Sistema Eletrônico de Informações – SEI). As part of a nationwide initiative directed at attaining a paper-free, robust infrastructure in public administration, this innovative platform operates under the auspices of the Brazilian Government and is widely utilized as a process management and digital certification tool by universities, the 4th Regional Federal Court (where the platform was originally conceived), the federal government’s ministries and the Supreme Federal Court, among various other national agencies.

Here are instructions on how to confirm the authenticity of electronic documents and certified translations..

Credit, grading and attendance

If you require information on UFC’s credit, grading and attendance system, please refer to the Official Letters below:


Should you have further queries about document authenticity verification, please contact our translation team at traducao@prointer.ufc.br and tradutor@prointer.ufc.br.