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The Rector Henry Campos announces innovations in the organization of UFC

Data de publicação: January 25, 2016. Categoria: News

The Rector Henry Campos announces innovations in the organization of UFC

Friday, November 13th, 2015 09:22

Picture: A meeting assembled provosts, directors of academic units and direct counseling (Picture: David Motta). In this first meeting, which took place in the rectory’s auditorium in the morning of the last Thursday (November 12th), the rector, prof. Henry Campos, announced innovations in the organization of the Federal University of Ceará, namely, the creation of the Commission of Admissibility and also changes in the International Affairs Office and in the area of Communication.

The Commission of Admissibility will be responsible for making a previous evaluation of cases that may eventually become an object of inquiry. The idea is to avoid situations in which investigations are started and conclude that there was nothing to be examined or that the value of the damage is inferior to the cost of the process itself. Thus, it is expected to guarantee more efficacy and emphasis in processes that really harm the attention of controllership.
“Our university starts to be one of the first to have a commission of this kind. It is a suggestion that has already been given for a long time and studied by the Internal Auditing and by the Attorney General Office. We were glad to count on the support of the directors and on the adhesion of professors to accomplish this work”, said the rector.

Picture: The new Commission of Admissibility gathered with the rector before the meeting with the directors (Picture: David Motta). The commission will be coordinated by Prof. Michel Mascarenhas Silva, from the department of Procedural Law of the College of Law, and will also count on Prof. Conceição de Maria Pinheiro Barros, from the department of Management, and with Prof. Ruth Carvalho de Santana Pinho, from the Department of Accountancy, both from the College of Economics, Management, Actuarial Science and Accountancy (FEAAC).


The rector also announced the new structure of the International Affairs Office (CAI). Prof. Henry Campos took the opportunity to compliment the work developed by the former coordinator, Prof. Tito Lívio Romão. “He gave a new framework to the International Affairs Office and brought an organization which was very important to the field”, he said, thanking the work performed in the last years.

The idea in this new phase is to decentralize CAI’s action so that the internationalization expands  to the whole university. In order to do so, the Superior Administration intends to create a committee of internationalization in each academic unit. “With this action, we optimize opportunities. We are giving more attention to the needs of the institution and taking more advantage of the international agreements, which need more focus”, he said.

For him, CAI must be a catalyzer of the actions carried out in undergraduate programs, graduate programs and extension. He set the challenge of offering courses in English. “Without this attitude we will not have any foreign students studying in our university. It is natural that this starts by the graduate programs”, he evaluated.

Besides, another immediate goal is the establishment of the Confucius Institute. “We expect it to be implanted in March”, he highlighted. The institute, in a partnership with Nankai University, must work with the teaching of Mandarin and with the qualification of human resources for specific activities in the area of foreign trade and technological innovation. “We are going to develop this plan in conjunction with the State Government, the Federation of Industries in the State of Ceará (FIEC) and with the Committee of Technological Innovation of the Provost Office of Research and Graduate Studies itself”, he explained.

CAI now has Prof. José Soares de Andrade Júnior, from the department of Physics at the College of Sciences, as its new coordinator, and Prof. Konrad Utz, from the Culture and Arts Institute (ICA), as its vice-coordinator. The office will also count with Prof. Massília Dias, from the Department of Foreign Languages of the College of Humanities, as the sub coordinator of support to foreign students and with Prof. Cláudio Lucas Nunes Oliveira, from the Department of Physics, as sub coordinator of international exchange, as well as a sub coordinator of Academic Mobility, whose name was not announced yet.

The rector also revealed the creation of the position of Deputy Coordinator of the Communication sector, which was assigned to Prof. Chico Neto, from ICA. He will receive as its main attribution the management of UFC’s branding.
Besides these innovations, the vice-rector, Prof. Custódio Almeida, explained the course of the process of strategic realignment, whereas prof. Ademar Gondim evaluated the actions and challenges of UFC’s Infrastructure Superintendence (UFC Infra). Finally, the general auditor Glícia Santiago and the deputy auditor Rodrigo Nascimento spoke about the progresses in the internal control and in the process of governance at UFC.

Source: Coordination of Social Communication and Institutional Marketing – Phone: 85 3366 7331


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