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General Information about Document Translation

This Office does not translate or proofread documents of any kind. Our service is limited to verifying translations of academic transcripts, diplomas, enrollment certificates and statements issued by UFC as requested by students, administrative staff and faculty who wish to apply to international academic mobility programs.

The time required for verifying a translation is normally 07 business days, except on occasions of higher demand. The interested party must submit the original documents and their respective translations. In case any mistakes are found, the corrections to be made will be indicated. Then, the interested party must implement the corrections and present the originals, the first version of the translation and the second version, so that the translations can be certified. This service is available for English, French and Spanish.

Legally, only sworn translators can translate official documents. In case the interested party needs the translation of documents of any kind, they must contact these professionals.

Sworn Translation Professionals


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