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Universidade Federal do Ceará
Office of the Vice Provost for International Affairs and Institutional Development

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1- What is the documentation required by the foreign university from students who intend to apply to academic mobility programs?

It depends on the institution. Thus, the student must access the website of the foreign university in the area of international affairs to confirm the documents required by the university abroad.

2- Can I apply to a university which does not have an agreement with UFC?

Yes, but in this case, the student him(her)self must incur the expenses charged by the institution to which he/she applied (enrollment, tuition fees, housing, transportation, feeding, etc) except if the university where he/she intends to go is a public institution.

3 – Does UFC have mobility agreements with universities in English-speaking countries?

Yes, but all universities in English-speaking countries (United States, Canada, Australia, England, etc) charge academic fees.

4 – In which term can I apply to academic mobility?

The student must be between the third and the antepenultimate term of the program he/she is attending. Another alternative is to have more than 40 credits of compulsory courses completed in the beginning of the program and less than 40 pending credits of compulsory courses. Credits related to supervised internships, graduation theses and complementary activities are not considered as pending courses.

5 – How many credits must I earn in the foreign higher education institution?

16 compulsory credits at UFC for only one term and 32 credits for two terms.

6 – How do I know if I am entitled to apply for an academic mobility period of two terms?

In the beginning of the year, the public notice of mobility is released. This notice corresponds to two terms at the foreign higher education institution. The second public notice is normally released in June. This one, in its turn, corresponds to a period of only 6 months at the foreign higher education institution. Universities in Latin America, however, accept students for two terms in this notice.

7 – How can I fix the “canceled” or “withdrawal” enrollment status  in the academic transcript?

It is necessary to fill in the form for the registry of academic mobility available at PROGRAD (Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies)’s website.

Link to the form:http://appserver.prograd.ufc.br/survey/index.php/249731/lang/pt-BR/newtest/Y

8 – How can I take part in the selection process for the scholarship programs of Santander Universidades?

Firstly, Banco Santander Universidades notifies the University about the opening of certain call notices for scholarship programs. Next, PROINTER publicizes this announcement to the academic community. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the Institution’s media outlets (including websites, newspapers and magazines), as well as PROINTER’s webpage.

9 – What are the scholarships programs offered by Banco Santander Universidades for UFC students and professors?

The programs are:

– Fórmula Scholarships Program for undergraduate and graduate students;

– Ibero-American Scholarships Program for Young Professors and Researchers;

– Ibero-American Scholarships Program for undergraduate students;

– Luso-Brazilian Scholarships Program for undergraduate students;

– TOP CHINA Program.

10 – When are the public notices of the Science Without Borders Program going to be released?

Please visit the program’s website to obtain more information about the new public notices:


11 – How can students in academic mobility by the Science Without Borders Program anticipate their return to Brazil or extend their stay?

Students must contact CAPES or CNPq (the science development agencies of the Brazilian government), which must inform on the possibility of this change and also on the necessary documents. In case they need any document which is issued by PROINTER, please send an e-mail to secretaria@prointer.ufc.br or call the telephone number +55 85 3366 7333.

12 – What is the procedure to formalize an agreement with UFC?

First of all, both parties must be interested in formalizing this agreement: UFC and the foreign higher education institution. Then, a draft of the agreement needs to be forwarded to PROINTER by email (convenios@prointer.ufc.br). It must be filled in with information from both institutions, and a Work Plan with a Schedule needs to be enclosed therewith. It is important to highlight that the agreement must be disposed in two columns, one in Portuguese and the other in a foreign language (a template is provided on our website, in the section “Forms” >> “Agreements and Convenants”). Next, PROINTER forwards a draft to the Attorney General’s Office at UFC and, after the necessary procedures, we forward the documents to the foreign higher education institution.

13 – Is the existence of an agreement for the accomplishment of a split-site doctoral program necessary?

The existence of an agreement does not represent a necessary condition for a doctoral candidate at UFC to accomplish a split-site doctoral program at a foreign institution. To this end, the student must contact an advisor at the foreign university and the development agencies (in case he/she needs a scholarship). This procedure is not one of the responsibilities of our office. It can be accomplished by both advisors (Brazilian and foreign) and through the department where the student is willing to attend his/her doctoral program.

14 – Can I apply for a seat in the undergraduate program in Medicine at UFC as a foreign student in order to complete a clinical clerkship?

Yes, as long as certain criteria are met, namely those established in accordance with Law n. 11.788/2008 and the National Immigration Council Normative Resolution no. 88/2010, altered by Normative Resolution no. 111/2014, and provided that the coordinator of the program accepts the fulfillment of the seat when it is available.

15 – How can I validate/accredit my foreign degree at UFC?

PROINTER is not responsible for handling this procedure. For information about validation or accreditation of foreign undergraduate or graduate degrees at UFC, please access the following link:  https://prointer.ufc.br/en/degree-validation-and-accreditation/

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