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Letter to partners | Document Verification

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With a view to contributing to higher security in interagency communications, in addition to fostering a sustainable data management culture, all documents issued and/or certified by our Office are to be obtained solely in traceable, electronic form.

Likewise, from 2022 onward, as mandated by federal law, UFC diplomas are issued exclusively in digital form.

The means of document verification described below, to all intents and purposes, supersede manual certification by way of stamps, signatures and/or postage.

Feel free to email us at documents@prointer.ufc.br with any questions or requests, but we suggest that you read this entire section before reaching out.
Electronic documents
  • Ever mindful of the need to foment a sound, paper-free administrative environment, the Federal University of Ceará has implemented an Integrated System for Academic Activity Management (Sistema Integrado de Gestão de Atividades Acadêmicas – SIGAAin order to ensure that faculty, staff and, of course, students can efficiently manage academic life.
  • UFC students and graduates are able to autonomously issue English-language versions of some records (transcripts, degree certificates and proof-of-enrollment letters) using the SIGAA platform.
  • You can easily check the authenticity of a SIGAA document by scanning the QR Code in the page footers.
  • Note that UFC issues original, English-language versions of most student records (including diplomas), thereby eliminating the need for “certified translations” of said documents.
  • Should you have further queries about document authenticity verification, please contact us at documents@prointer.ufc.br.
Certified translations and e-signatures
  • Our team uses USB tokens to add electronic signatures to the translations of not originally electronic documents, such as situational letters.
  • Because it adheres to the requirements of the Brazilian Public Key Infrastructure (ICP-Brasil), this type of signature has the same legal standing as a handwritten signature, similarly to eIDAS in the European Union, NIST-DSS in the US, and ZertES in Switzerland).
  • You can check the authenticity of any translation by opening the file in your preferred PDF reader, clicking the digital signature therein and verifying our certificate as one of your trusted identities. The same procedure applies to verifying diploma authenticity.
  • Should you have further queries about document authenticity verification, please contact us at documents@prointer.ufc.br.
SEI-certified translations
  • Alternatively, the translated versions of some documents may be issued through the Electronic Information System (Sistema Eletrônico de Informações – SEI).
  • As part of a nationwide initiative directed at attaining a paper-free, robust infrastructure in public administration, this innovative platform is run under the auspices of the Brazilian Federal Government and is now widely utilized as a process management and digital certification tool by universities, the 4th Regional Federal Court (the platform’s institution of origin), government ministries, and the Supreme Federal Court, among various other national agencies.
  • You can confirm the authenticity of a SEI document by following the instructions in the page footers.
  • Should you have further queries about document authenticity verification, please contact us at documents@prointer.ufc.br.
Credit, grading and attendance

If you require information on UFC’s credit, grading and attendance policy, please refer to the Official Letters below.

For additional queries, please contact us at documents@prointer.ufc.br.

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